June 2018 | []

4th Goumois Workshop

This June, collaborators from ETH, LMU Munich, and the Universit√© de Bourgogne met for the 4th Franco-Helvetian-Germanic photonics workshop. The location was again in the beautiful valley of the Doubs, bordering Switzerland and France, where they were able to share their enthusiasm over optical antennas and 2D materials. Besides the talks about this challenging scientific topics, they were also able to please their enthusiasm for all things beer and balls, by visiting a local brewery and of course following the ongoing soccer world cup. Below you will find the list of presented talks, followed by some pictures of the group activities:

"Optical beam steering with a nonlinear plasmonic phased array antenna"
"Optical wireless power transfer between an optical antenna and a rectenna"
"Near-field imaging of single photon counting superconducting nanowires"
"Controlling the photon statistics of quasi-1D materials"
"Spectral dynamics of the delocalized nonlinear photoluminescence in gold nanowires"
"Near-field Raman spectroscopy of long linear carbon chains encapsulated in double walled carbon nanotubes"
" Broadband pulse shaping microscopy: idea and implementation"
"Surface enhanced resonant Raman scattering: cavity effects and more"
"Grain boundaries act as solid walls for charge carrier diffusion in large crystal MAPI thin film"
"Integration of 2D materials into planar photonic circuits II"
"Contact engineering for 2D transition metal dichalcogenides"