November 2017 | []

4th Swiss workshop on particle trapping

In October, the collaborators from ETH and ICFO dubbed as "The Trappers" had another of their semi-annual get togethers on the exciting topic of trapping nanoparticles. This time, the location of the mini-workshop was  in the Southern part of the Black Forest, in the quaint town of Altglasshütten. This year, the group was joined by folks from the University of Innsbruck under PI Oriol Romero-Isart. As always, they enjoyed the outing, including a trip to a water park, but in particular the scientific camaraderie with engaging and fruitful discussions. Below you will find a partial list of presented talks:

"What are we trapping? - Collecting evidence on Francesco’s Frequency Drop"

"Frequency Stability of a Levitated Nanoparticle in Vacuum"

"Trapping nanodiamonds with single NVs in vacuum"

"Static Force Sensing with a Free-Falling Particle "

"Less (photons) can be more (SNR)"

"Elastic phonons in nanoparticles"

"A Measurement Cavity for Levitated Particles"

"Frequency stability of optically trapped nanoparticles"