Seminar with Prof. Dr. Gustavo Cançado

Friday, January 31, 16:00 HPP M 12 -  Hoenggerberg


** Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gustavo Cançado, Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais

** Title: Metrological framework for quality control of liquid-phase exfoliated graphene

** Abstract: 

In this talk, a metrological framework for the characterization of liquid-phase exfoliated graphene will be presented. The goal is to create a robust quality control process for assisting the mass production of graphene, in a reproducible and scalable way, following the route of mechanically-assisted chemical exfoliation of natural graphite. The process is being developed in the scope of the MGgrafeno project, a partnership between CODEMGE (Minas Gerais Development Company), UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais) and CDTN (Center for the Development of Nuclear Technology). The MGgraphene project has vigorously advanced towards the implementation of well-established techniques, development of new technologies, automation of data analysis and processing, establishment of new protocols and standard operating procedures, and the creation of a real-time analysis Raman system to be incorporated along the production line of the pilot plant. Finally, it will be shown recent advances on the development of a tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) system, in the Nanospectroscopy Lab (Department of Physics, UFMG). The instrument allows for the investigation of local properties in individual graphene nanoflakes, and the information extracted from this local analysis is useful to understand statistical results extracted from measurements performed in the micro and macro scales.