Seminar with Prof. Dr. Tom Brown

Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 11:00 HPZ E 35 -  Hoenggerberg


** Speaker: Prof. Dr. Tom Brown, University of Rochester, Institute of Optics

** Title: Creating and Measuring Complex Polarization States: Routes from Classical to Quantum Measurements

** Abstract: Spatially complex polarization states combine both spin and angular momentum of light in ways that open up new approaches to the use of polarization in metrology and in polarization measurement itself. One particular complex state -- the Full PoincarĂ© Beam -- shows intriguing properties, one of which is the mapping of the polarization state of a particular photon to its registration location on a 2d sensor. A related state reveals a Full PoincarĂ© equivalent of a Bessel beam. In this talk I will provide an overview of work related to these states and pose some questions regarding the interferometric measurement of the angular momentum of a single photon, whether it is possible and what it could mean for quantum metrology.

** Short bio: Thomas G. Brown  is on the faculty of the Institute of Optics, University of Rochester (NY-USA). His past research has included topics in silicon photonics (switching and light emission), guided mode resonances, complex polarization states, optical metrology and microscopy, and semiconductor laser modeling.  He is a Fellow of OSA and SPIE and currently serves as chair of the multidimensional microscopy conference at Photonics West and is the academic co-lead for test, assembly and packaging in the AIM Photonics Consortium.