Workshop 2018

September 2018: Klöntaler See, Glarus, Switzerland

Our sixth annual European Nano-Optics workshop takes us to the beautiful Klöntaler See, which sits high above the Linth Valley and the city of Glarus. We were staying in an old youth camp, which turned out to be the perfect place for a group outing and workshop. Even though the weather wasn't cooperating, we rearranged our agenda and moved our outdoor activities to the last day, when the skies cleared up and we were treated to a gorgeous fall day.

It was another great workshop, where we spent two and a half days eating delicious home-cooked food, bonding, brainstorming, team building, and of course some listening to several great  presentations!


The following talks were presented throughout the workshop:

Karol Luszcz

Lukas Novotny

" Noether Theorem"

Sebastian Heeg
" Interlayer excitons in 2D materials" 

Andrei Militaru
" Harmonic feedback on harmonic oscillators" 

Eric Bonvin
" Sum rule for LDOS" 


Day 1: After arriving in Klöntal on Sunday afternoon, we checked into our "hotel" and enjoyed some espresso served by our barista Alfonso, followed by dinner and two scientific talks. Our camp was pretty awesome:

Our "hotel" for the next few days, a former youth camp, that was perfectly equipped for our group.
A conference room for our workshop talks,...
...a commercial kitchen to feed the crowd...
...even a game room with a Töggeli Kasten...
...and a billiard/pool table!
Plus, Alfonso was able to set up his coffee shop as well!

Day 2: On Monday, we were more or less housebound due to the wet weather, but packed the day with three more scientific talks and Lukas' famous risotto for dinner. Afterwards, we were treated to a non-photonics talk by Dr. Loni about local plants and their medicinal uses as well as an escape room game, organized by Dominik. The competition was fierce and it even included an air gun battle between rivaling teams.  


Day 3 : After a late night, we woke up to blue skies and hiked the length of the lake to the dam and up a steep stretch to the Schwammhöhe. There, we were treated to a delectable lunch and stunning views across the lake and valley floor. After we got back to our camp in the late afternoon, we packed up, cleaned the house and headed back to Zurich with a new energy and high group spirits.

We set out early to take advantage of a gorgeous morning.
The lake is still and flat as a mirror.
We might have some companions on our hike along the lake shore.
We pass a bunch of impressive waterfalls.
There was lots of water from the rain
on the previous day.
Someone is making their way up the rocks...
...someone is on top of the rocks!
Klöntaler See presents itself in its stunning beauty... matter which way you look.
At the end of the lake, we head uphill through the woods...
...until we reach "Schwammhöhe", where we enjoy lunch with a view.
After our lunch break, we return to the lake...
...where some of us enjoy a quiet moment.
Time for another group photo!
And then it was time to say farewell and return to reality.