Workshop 2017

September 2017: Val Müstair, Graubünden, Switzerland
Our fifth annual European Nano-Optics workshop takes us to a new location - the beautiful Val Müstair in the eastern most part of Switzerland, bordering Austria and Italy. After arriving at Ferienhaus Steinbock on Sunday afternoon, we enjoy a guided tour through the Benedictine cloister St. John, followed by dinner and two scientific talks. On Monday, we take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and hike from Ofenpass all the way back to our house, with a lunch stop in Lü. After a hearty dinner of Lukas' special Risotto(s), we enjoyed an informative, non-scientific talk as well as the group favorite - Quiz Night. On Tuesday, two more scientific talks were presented and played some competitive ping pong before heading back to Zürich in the late afternoon. It was another great workshop, where we spent two and a half days eating delicious home-cooked food, bonding, brainstorming, team building, and of course some listening to several great  presentations!


The following talks were presented throughout the workshop:



Martin Frimmer
"Sensing with Exceptional Points"

Lukas Novotny

" PT Symmetry"

René Reimann
" Squeezed States" 

Dominik Windey
" Neural Networks" 

Achint Jain
" Jainism"




Day 1: We arrive in Müstair on Sunday afternoon, check into the group house that we've rented, and then head to the Abbey St. John. We're treated to a guided tour of this UNESCO world heritage site, where we get to see how simple, yet harsh life was and still is for the Benedictine nuns who live and work here.

Beautiful Val Müstair
Haus "Steinbock"
Abbey St. John

Day 2: After a hearty breakfast, we take the Postbus to Ofenpass, separating Val Müstair from the rest of Graubünden. From there, we start our day hike, which takes us along the side of the mountains slowly back down into the valley. We stop multiple times to enjoy the beautiful scenery, take pictures, play a game of frisbee or football, say hello to the cows, and to eat a traditional lunch in the small village of Lü. 

Hiking through the larch forest, famous for Val Müstair...
...that haven't quite turned yellow yet.
We reach a high moor plateau, ideal for a quick game of frisbee and football.
"Should we rent this hut next year?"
Bauschi taking a picture of the beautiful scenery.
Not sure what Lukas is trying to photograph here, but we're all ready for the group picture?!
Since we're slowly getting hungry, we continue on over a rock slide...
...across some ski slopes...
...towards the skies...
...until we reach our lunch stop Gasthof "Hirschen".
It definitely was a fun day!

Day 3 : Today is work day! We have several talks presented in the morning, followed by a group lunch and clean up before everybody is heading back to Zurich.