Workshop 2013

September 2013: Camp Pairolo, Ticino, Switzerland
Our very first European Nano-Optics workshop leads the group to a cabin in the Ticinese mountains, two hours outside of Lugano. We spent two days there, hiking, eating, sleeping, bonding, and of course some work with great presentations by multiple speakers!


Day 1: We start off with a train ride to Lugano. The group has their very own train car reserved for them!

Lukas sporting original Swiss attire :-)
Loni wondering if she should have ironed his shirt...
Mark, Palash and Siddarth enjoying the ride.
Markus and Martin having a laugh.
Lara keeping herself busy.
So is Julia.
Barbara is just glad that all her ducks are on board of the train, phew!
And Miss Mae is not so sure what to think about this whole group.

After a little less than three hours on the train, we are arriving in Lugano with dark clouds hanging over the lake.

Stepping off the train.
Over the rooftops of Lugano.
Now where do we go next?
Down to the lake front!
For a picnic in style...
...on the red park benches.
Sarah surprises Lukas with a birthday cake. Happy Birthday!
And all red benches cleaned up again, Swiss efficiency practiced by the multi-national Nanooptics group :-)

After a one hour bus ride into the mountains, we're tackling a wet hike to the cabin "Campana Pairolo".

It almost feels like we're hiking in the clouds.
Pretty landscape.
After being soaked for an hour, we reach our final destination.
Trying to find a place to dry wet gear...
...and wet people.
The common room has a fireplace that turns into the favorite and warm gathering place.
Day 1 ends with games, a delicious, savory dinner...
...and more games.

Day 2 : Rain is in the forecast for the afternoon, so we start the day off with some outdoor activities. One group follows Lukas on his rock climbing excursion, while another group tackles one of the nearby peaks.

It's a beautiful morning in Ticino.
Lukas scouting out the terrain.
Lots of solid rock to practice rappelling.
The loop is securely fastened.
Going down.
Not so bad!
Going way down.
The Brazilians rather stay in the Swiss jungle than rappelling down Swiss rocks.
Everybody back on solid ground with a big smile on their faces.

The other group sets out on a 4-hour hike to one of the nearby peaks.

Let's get going.
The weather is cooperating.
Are we having fun yet?
Team "Girlies"
Vijay's encounter with the cow from outer space.
Not so sure where this hairy cow comes from.
Are we there yet?
Yeah, on top of the world!
Perfect photo op...
...with perfect views.
Heading back down... make it in time for our afternoon talks.
Markus, Vijay, Dorilian, Sarah, Loïc, Mark, Martin, and Barbara behind the lens.
Vijay taking off, or should we say showing off :-)

Everybody is back at the cabin and now the "workshop" portion of our trips begins. There are four speakers and the setting is the terrace in front of the cabin, overlooking the valley. Outdoor science conference at its finest.

Lukas starts off. I guess his shirt DID need ironing after all, Loni!

The following talks were presented: 


Lukas Novotny
"Classical Rabi Oscillations"

Ado Jorio de Vasconcelos
"Resonance Raman Spectra from Twisted Bilayer Graphene"

Loïc Rondin
"Two levels sytems and Rabi oscillations"

Dorilian Lopez Mago
"Polarization theory as entanglement analysis"



"Al Fresco" Brainstorming
Can somebody please turn on the heat??
Moving the meeting under the porch roof for added warmth, haha.
Loïc discussing his talk with Lukas and Martin.

Day 3 : Our last day starts with a clear, blue sky and lots of sunshine but frigid temperatures. The group members with kids or sore limbs are heading back to the bus station in Cimadera. Some others, who still have energy left, take off on a fantastic hike along some ridges to Monte Bré and Bré.

Vijay setting out to conquer the Ticinese Alps with a duffle bag and a sleeping bag!
Karol is prepared for the frigid morning hours.
Markus is taking over the role of a human GPS.
Still on the shady aka freezing side of the mountain.
A couple more feet higher and...
...we reach the sunshine, hurray!
Crisp, clear air makes for...
...stunning far views.
We're on a ridge way above Lago di Lugano.
Down below is Lugano.
Sarah enjoying the last few minutes of rest, before...
...we start our decent back into civilization.