Workshop 2012

September 2012: Camp O-Kwa-Ri-Ga, Adirondacks (NY), USA
Our first workshop after the move from Rochester (NY) to Zürich was a sort of a reunion as we planned it to coincide with OSA which was happening in Rochester that fall. Therefore, we were reunited with most of the current and former Nanooptikers that are still in the US. We hosted the workshop in upstate NY as well, in the tried and tested and very beloved Adirondack camp Okwariga, that was the site of several Nano-Optics workshop in the past. We spent three days there, filled with hiking, eating, sleeping, bonding, and of course some work with great presentations by multiple speakers!

The camp and the surrounding nature presents itself in stunning beauty courtesy of the perfect Indian Summer weather!

Beautiful, quiet lake in the morning.
The porch offers great lake views...
...through the trees.
Adirondacks pure.

The group is taking advantage of the mild weather and whatever vehicle the boathouse has to offer:

Canoe, kayak, paddle bike are all out on the water...
while Filipp is trying to stear the sunfish clear from the dock without being knocked unconscious by the boom.
Vijay and Leo are already having a blast in the canoe, ...
...before topping it off on the paddle bike.

Believe it or not, but we also do work during our workshop! The list of fabulous speakers is long and below is only a partial selection of presented talks, namely the invited talks by our international guests:

Taco Visser - Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
"Dynamic beam steering"

Gustavo Cançado - Universidad de Minais Gerais, Brazil
"Raman study of Moiré patterns in bi-layer grapheme"

Scott Carney - University of Illinois

Javier Aizpurua - Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain

Jan Gieseler, ICFO, Spain
"Non-mechanical oscillators"

 Shawn Divitt - ETH Zürich and University of Rochester
"Field Emission with Fowler and Nordheim"


Taco Visser
Gustavo Cançado
Javier Aizpurua
Jan Gieseler
Shawn Divitt
and last but not least Scott Carney,...
...who made sure that he wouldn't forget part of his talk and had the essential formula tattooed on his arm! Of course, this leaves everybody in deep thought:
Lukas contemplating another tattoo on his biceps.
Ryan Beams thinking he might need this formula to finish his thesis.
Thomas van Dijk wondering if he's smarter than his boss.
Laura van Dijk worrying that Thomas will show up with a tattoo next.
Filipp Ignatovich biting his tongue to not make a smart comment about tattoos.
Steve Person resigning to paper and pencil to figure out the solution of the formula.

In the mean time, the kids entertains themselves with lighter fare:

Leo Divitt with a raquet.
Daniel Ignotovich with all sorts of round objects.
Leif Carney with his fingers...
...just as big bro Ethan does. Brotherly love!

The traditional hike up Black Bear Mountain is also on the agenda.

Lukas leading the way?? Oh boy!!
Maybe it's better if Leif takes over the lead... guide the herd through the woods...
...across treacherous ravines...
and up Black Bear Mountain...
...for a well-deserved lunch break...
...and the compulsory group photo shoot :-)

Another long-standing tradition is the camp fire.

The kids enjoy roasting marshmallows…
…or just poking around in a small fire.
Whereas the adults enjoy smoking a cigar and turning it into a roaring blast!

Wrapping up the three day meeting with another long-standing tradition, the obligatory group picture. This time with a goofy twist.