MTB Trips 2012/2013

September 2012: NFO-12 Conference, San Sebastian, Spain
A mandatory MTB outing into the foothills of the Basque Pyrenees with Alexandre Bouhelier, Achim Hartschuh and Alexander Weber-Bargioni. Somewhere near Elgoibar ..

Achim pretending to be exhausted.
Energy-boosting refreshment.
Big pose on top of Basque country.
Yes, it IS the top! The Basques are labeling their mountain tops ..


September 2012: Garraf, Puig des Agulles. A recurring ride. An MTB highlight. Starting in Sitges, ending in the Marisqueria in Castelldefels. 

A very enforced smile.
A short rest at the Milan memorial.
Mr. Agulles, Jan Renger, overlooking the Mediterranean.
Jan picking up speed on the downhill.
A totally deserved overcompensation at the marisqueria.


October 2012: Staffelbach, Switzerland. A leisurely trip from Luzern to Aarau with Nadja, Jan, and Loni.

Harmonious crossing of the Suhre creek.


November 2012: Fort Hill (Dryer Road), Victor, NY. A traditional ride in beautiful Upstate NY with Mike and Gustavo.

View from Fort Hill.
Tea time with Mike Schirmer and Gustavo Cancado.
As in the olden days ..
.. the good old olden days ..


November 2012: Pfannenstiel, Switzerland. A ride right out of the backyard to the top of Lake Zurich.

Little bunny Fufu dashing through the forest ...
View from the Pfannestiel Tower.


March 2013: Graphene Nanophotonics Meeting in Benasque, Spain. Pre-conference ride over the Garraf to the Puig. 

A little stop, on the way to the top, at the usual spot.
The Puig d'Agulles is a true magnet.
The downhill is coming up. Still some energy left.
The standard feast at the marisqueria.


March 2013: Graphene Nanophotonics Meeting in Benasque, Spain. Post-conference ride with Gustavo Cancado over the Garraf to the Puig. 

Happy "Before" picture with Ryan Beams who decided to rather take a nap on the beach.
Gustavo's inauguration to the Puig d'Agulles.
There's a drop of juice left in his biceps ..
The downhill is waiting. 3 hrs to catch the plane in BCN.


April 2013: Stid, Cutler and Gannett, Bristol, NY. A beautiful early spring ride during Steve Person's thesis proposal.

The sun is shining on Stid Hill ..
.. and on my friend Badger who's having a siesta in the tree hole.
More snow on Camp Cutler. Time for a smoke.
Much more snow on top of Gannett. Well, it's April after all ..


May 2013: Stid Hill, Bristol, NY. A classic ride with Handy Gelbard and Mike Schirmer.

Traditional pose at the jump off on Stid Hill with the Bristol ski area in the background.
Fingerlakes backcountry at its finest.
Handy and Mike debating which way to the next bar.
Finally found it! A place with some delicious local IPA on tap.


May 2013: Letchworth Canyon, Mt. Morris, NY. A 20 miles macho ride, with lots of drops and climbs.  A highlight in upstate NY!

Happy 'BEFORE' picture.
A short rest at the canyon jump off.
Beautiful vista of the canyon.
The 'AFTER' picture. Feeling pooped.


October 2013: Rochester area, NY. This was supposed to be the ultimate super-duper Rochester MTB experience ..

It all started on beautiful Fort Hill ..
with some adrenaline runs down CMP trail ..
and beautiful upstate foliage.
It continued with a ride along Keuka Outlet Trail with Mike, Nadja, and Loni.
Nadja whizzing through space-time.
3/4 family pose on erratic boulder.
A deserved super-sized pizza in PennYan.
Here's where things went bad .. five broken ribs after an absolutely unspectacular crash ..


December 2013: Garraf, Barcelona, Spain. Getting the ribs back into action on a MTB classic.

Fully restored and run-in on puig agulles!


January 2014: Scheidegg / Schwarzenberg, Switzerland. It's supposed to be winter in Switzerland. The weather couldn't be better for a ride in the Töss area.

Wonderful outlook over the alps.
Loni's downhill is starting in the sun ..
.. and ending in the snow.
Don't talk to her. It is absolutely NOT funny!


February 2014: Puig d'Agulles, Garraf, Spain. This ride, a standard, is to celebrate Jan Gieseler's thesis defense!

Record time to Puig: 2h08' .. a bullet between the teeth does magic!
Wonderful vista on Barcelona, ICFO, and the beach. The downhill is coming up!
Down by the beach.
Looking back to the Puig d'Agulles.
Overcompensating ...