MTB Trips 2012/2013

September 2012: NFO-12 Conference, San Sebastian, Spain
A mandatory MTB outing into the foothills of the Basque Pyrenees with Alexandre Bouhelier, Achim Hartschuh and Alexander Weber-Bargioni. Somewhere near Elgoibar ..



September 2012: Garraf, Puig des Agulles. A recurring ride. An MTB highlight. Starting in Sitges, ending in the Marisqueria in Castelldefels. 



October 2012: Staffelbach, Switzerland. A leisurely trip from Luzern to Aarau with Nadja, Jan, and Loni.



November 2012: Fort Hill (Dryer Road), Victor, NY. A traditional ride in beautiful Upstate NY with Mike and Gustavo.



November 2012: Pfannenstiel, Switzerland. A ride right out of the backyard to the top of Lake Zurich.



March 2013: Graphene Nanophotonics Meeting in Benasque, Spain. Pre-conference ride over the Garraf to the Puig. 



March 2013: Graphene Nanophotonics Meeting in Benasque, Spain. Post-conference ride with Gustavo Cancado over the Garraf to the Puig. 



April 2013: Stid, Cutler and Gannett, Bristol, NY. A beautiful early spring ride during Steve Person's thesis proposal.



May 2013: Stid Hill, Bristol, NY. A classic ride with Handy Gelbard and Mike Schirmer.



May 2013: Letchworth Canyon, Mt. Morris, NY. A 20 miles macho ride, with lots of drops and climbs.  A highlight in upstate NY!



October 2013: Rochester area, NY. This was supposed to be the ultimate super-duper Rochester MTB experience ..



December 2013: Garraf, Barcelona, Spain. Getting the ribs back into action on a MTB classic.



January 2014: Scheidegg / Schwarzenberg, Switzerland. It's supposed to be winter in Switzerland. The weather couldn't be better for a ride in the Töss area.



February 2014: Puig d'Agulles, Garraf, Spain. This ride, a standard, is to celebrate Jan Gieseler's thesis defense!