MTB trips 2010

2010 was a good MTB year! Moab, Garraf, Alps, Adirondacks, and more. Here are some of the highlights.


January 2010: Dryer Road Park, Victor NY. Not that this one was a highlight. It was freak'n cold! But hey, it proves that MTBing in January can be done.


February 2010: El Garraf, Sitges/Castelldefels, Spain. This trail belongs to the standard inventory. It has to be done in any weather. It follows some of the trails laid out by Napoleon, the grande rondonee.


March 2010: El Garraf, Sitges/Castelldefels, Spain. Here we are again. It's still too cold to bike in Rochester. This outing was in company with Jan Renger. The MTB trip starts with a train ride from Castelldefels to Sitges.


May 2010: Finger Lakes Wilderness Area between Lodi and Trumansburg, NY.  This is Loni's 25th birthday outing. Not everyone enjoyed the mud. But the trail is great and brings you past beautiful meadows and ponds.


May 2010: Stid Hill, Bristol NY. An outing with Mr. Midget to my favorite trail. A great treat and a great ride. Singletrack throughout, of course :-)


June 2010: Moab, Utah. This was the highlight of MTBing in my young and innocent life! Alex, le sanglier de Bourgogne, escaped from a conference a few days early to meet up for three straight MTB days in Moab.


July 2010: Trübsee Trail, Engelberg, Switzerland: It's absolutely necessary to take a break from a meeting and rent a mountain bike at the train station. The weather wasn't the greatest, the bike neither, but the climb and the views were magnificent.


September 2010: El Garraf, Sitges / Castelldefels, Spain. Yes, this trail again! But this time with Jan Renber all the way to the top. No broken frame.


October 2010: East Bay, Rochester, NY. Rainer Benz arrived for a blitz visit from Heidelberg, Germany. It's been a while since he's been on Rochester trails. The Weissbier takes its toll.


October 2010: Dryer Road Park, Victor, NY. Fall in Rochester. Beautiful foliage pays for the long winters. Gustavo, "El Cupinista Minero", came for a visit from Brazil and revived his Rochester memories.


November 2010: Ontario Pathways Trail, Canandaigua, NY. One more family outing before winter hits us. Ontario Pathways is a true standard. It goes 16 miles through beautiful flatlands, along long abandoned railroad tracks.


November 2010: Ok-wa-riga Camp, Inlet, NY. The mandatory MTB ride during our annual Nano-Optics workshop. But this time we're very late in the season and it's bitter cold...