MTB Trips 2008

October 2008: Adirondacks, Inlet, NY. This year the fall season is treating us very well. Alex, Gustavo, and Lukas are heading out for a traditional ADK ride.


August 2008 - August 2009: El Garraf, Barcelona, Spain. One year of MTBing in Catalunya. There were many great rides and sights. Check out this link.


August 2008: Ganondogan Trail, Victor, NY. A lovely day in August. My last ride with Barbara before taking off to Spain.


August 2008: Letchworth State Park, Mt. Morris, NY. Another classic - the Finger Lakes Trail from Mt. Morris Dam along letchworth canyon towards the falls. 24 miles of solitude with lots of ups and downs.


July 2008: Camp Cutler, Bristol, NY. Time again for one of the great classic rides! This time with an international race team: Palash, Gustavo, Loni, and Lukas.


June 2008: Dryer Road, Victor, NY. Yes, yes, this Dryer Road Park is permanently reoccurring on this site. But hey, it's one of the finest rides close by. This time with Loni and Handy.


June 2008: Stid Hill, Bristol, NY. Unbelievable - this is Handy Gelbard's first appearance on this site. Should you not know: It's HIM, Mr. MTB! Reincarnation of ancient high-tech. Usually, he's too fast to be caught on camera. But not on this very lovely day in June.


May 2008: Dryer Road Park, Victor, NY. After years, Bennett Goldberg made another appearance in Rochester.


January 2008: Fort Hill and Ganondogan Trail, Victor, NY. This was a very optimistic ride in Rochester's backlands. Only one day later we got covered in snow and the next ride had to wait until the end of March.