August 2008 - July 2009: El Costa del Garraf. This is a summary of MTB highlights during sabbatical at ICFO in Castelldefels (Barcelona). Most of the rides started in Sitges and ended 3-4 hours later at the Marisqueria in Castelldefels. In between is 'El Garraf', an arid mountain range made of limestone, with some rather technical single tracks, splendid views of the mediterranean sea, and bewitching scents of rosemary and pine trees.


Los Ranzos are visiting. Papa Ralf and son Ruben joined a ride over the Garraf.


Puig les Agulles. Before the descent down to Castelldefels you have to face the Puig les Agulles at 552m. Up there, the Mediterranean is at your feet.


Le Visiteur. Guess what? Alex Bouhelier came for a ride. And it rained (again).