Understanding and controlling light-matter interactions
on the nanometer scale

The photonics group at ETH studies and exploits the interaction of light with nano-structured materials. We are particularly interested in controlling and enhancing the light-matter interaction with suitably engineered nanostructures, such as optical antennas or resonators. The manipulation of optical fields at the nanometer scale is important for enhancing the performance and efficiency of photodetectors, light emitting devices and optical sensors.



Our research makes use of the unique physical properties of nanomaterials, such as two-dimensional conductors and insulators, nanowires and nanoparticles, quantum dots and organic molecules. The interaction of light with these structures can be used for controlling optical processes, for increasing measurement sensitivities, and for processing information on the nanoscale.  

Many research topics in nanoscience are interdisciplinary in nature and must be addressed in a collaborative effort. Therefore, we collaborate with various research groups and industrial partners and are open to new interactions.

Please see our research webpage or watch this lecture for more details.