Probing confined fields with single molecules and vice versa

B. Sick, B. Hecht, U. P. Wild, and L. Novotny 
Journal of Microscopy, vol. 202, pp. 365-374 
[PDF, 387 Kb]

Near-field effects in single molecule emission
H. Gersen, M. F. Garcia-Parajo, L. Novotny, J. A. Veerman, L. Kuipers, and N. F. van Hulst 
Journal of Microscopy, 202, 374-378 
[PDF, 180 Kb ]

Longitudinal Field Modes Probed by Single Molecules

L. Novotny, M. R. Beversluis, K. S. Youngworth, and T. G. Brown 
Physical Review Letters, 86, 5251-5254 
[PDF, 780 Kb ]

Reflected image of a strongly focused spot
Lukas Novotny, Robert D. Grober, Khaled Karrai 
Optics Letters, 26, 789-791 
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