The Photonics Group over the years

Spring 2021 - Weekly group outings to ZOOM

Fall 2020 - Group hike from Regensdorf to Baden

Fall 2019 - Group outing to Valle Calanca

Fall 2018 - Group outing to Klöntaler See

Fall 2017 - Group outing to Val Müstair

Summer 2016 - Group picture during a farewell party

Fall 2015 - Group outing to the Maderaner Valley

Fall 2014 - Group outing to Maderaner Tal

Spring 2014 - Group picture in the foyer of our building HPP

Winter 2013 - Holiday Dinner at UniTurm

Fall 2013 - First group outing to Ticino (not complete team in picture)

Winter 2012 - First local group outing to Uetliberg

The Original Crew, founding members of the ETH Photonics Group :-)